Proposal Respecting the Athanasian Creed.


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PEARSON, EDWARD. A Proposal Respecting the Athanasian Creed. Ipswich: Printed and Sold by G. Jermyn, Sold Also by J. and J. Merril, and W. H. Lunn, Cambridge; Deighton, London; and Pearson, Norwich. M DCC XCIV. [1794] Price 3d. Octavo, 13.2 x 20.5cm. Disbound pamphlet, side-stitched with new linen thread, light damp stain top 3/5 of pages. Inscription from author partially trimmed away by a binder: "...given by the auth__ Revd E. Pears__ of Rempstone." Pagination: (1) title, (1) blank, [3]-7 A Proposal, (1) blank, [9]-14 The Creed of St. Athanasius, As proposed to be received by the Church of England; lacking final blank. OCLC locates only two copies of this pamphlet: Cambridge Univ. & Loma Linda Univ. in California. The Online ESTC adds in the UK: Dr. Williams's Library; Lambeth Palace Library; Oxford Univ Worcester College Libr; Senate House Libr Univ Lond; Suffolk Record Office. Edward Pearson, 1756-1811, "a learned English divine, and the great champion of Arminianism in the Church of England near the close of last century and the opening of this. [He was] educated at Sidney College, Cambridge... He was appointed rector of Rempstone, in Nottinghamshire... Dr. Pearson was considered an excellent preacher, and one of the most learned men of his times. ...his fame chiefly rests on his controversial writings against antagonists of necessitarian proclivities... On the other side, Dr. Pearson was among the first to sound an alarm respecting the danger to which the Church was exposed by the spread in it of Calvinistic views of Christian doctrine... In fact Dr. Pearson was the champion of the Arminian clergy in the Church, and the champion of the Church itself against whatever seemed to threaten its integrity and its perpetuity."--McClintock & Strong: Ency. Biblical, Theol. & Eccl. Lit. We offer Pearson's proposal for changes in the Athanasian Creed. In his introduction he says that it is unfortunate that the Athanasian Creed is rarely used even though the rubric calls for thirteen time in a year.

Title: Proposal Respecting the Athanasian Creed.


Illustrator: LONDON


Publisher: 1794

Binding: Disbound Pamphlet

Book Number: 17450

Keywords: Athanasian Creed
St. Athanasius