Acta Colloquij Montis Belligartensis: Quod habitum est, Anno Christi 1586.


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Colloquy of Mömpelgart, Tubingen, 1587, between Lutheran & Reformed. With inscription on front cover: "Wild Rice Polk Co., Minnesota 1880" and inside "To Prof. James N. Preus from his uncle J.C.K. Preus."

COLLOQUY OF MÖMPELGART. Acta Colloquij Montis Belligartensis: Quod habitum est, Anno Christi 1586. Fauente Deo Opt. Max Præside, Illustrissimo Principe ac Domino, Domino Friderico, Comite Wirtembergico et Mompelgatensi, &c. Inter Clarissimos Viros, D. Iacobum Andreæ, Præpositum & Cancellarium Academiæ Tubingensis: & D. Theodorum Bezam Professorem & Pastorem Genuensem, Authoritate Praedicti Principis Friderici, &c. nunc Anno Christi 1587. publicata. Haec acta Candide et bona fide consignata, vanissimos de hoc Colloquio sparsos rumores, inprimis vero Epistolam quandam, vanitatibus & calumnijs refertam, & typis excusam, abundè refutabunt. Cum Privilegio. Tubingæ, Per Georgium Gruppenbachium, Anno M.D.LXXXVII. [1587] quarto, 16.5 x 20.3cm. $1,500.00

There is a nice inscription in old pen on front cover that reads "Wild Rice Polk Co. Minnesota, 1880." There are three ownership inscriptions in the bottom right hand corner of the title page. The first is inked out so that it can not be read. The second is "M. Wilhelm Lüdovicus Ruoff. SS. Theol. Stud: 1604." The third reads: "A. K. Sagenius SS. Theol Stud. In Urbe Sancti Ludovici 1878." Then in pencil and on the recto of the front paste-down endpaper is "To/ Prof. James N. Preus From/ His uncle J C K Preus."

The Colloquy of Mömplegart was a disputation between Lutherans and Reformed at the castle of Mömpelgart(or French: Montbéliard) near the French border. It was occasioned by the incorporation of the county of Mömpelgart into the duchy of Württemburg by inheritance. A Calvinistic type of the Reformation had been established there in 1535, but the duke of Württemberg attempted to reorganize the church on the Lutheran model. To further this, he arranged the disputation--primarily between Beza on the Reformed side and Andreä on the Lutheran, even though others were also participants, including Lucas Osiander & Abraham Musculus. The points of controversy were (1) the Lord's Supper, (2) the person of Christ, (3) pictures and ceremonies, (4) baptism, and (5) election. Both parties claimed victory. Beza disputed the correctness of the Acta of Tübingen and defended himself in Latin and German. The only result of the dispute was a deepening of the differences between the parties.--A. Schweizer in The New Schaff-Herzog Ency. Religious Knowledge, 8:42. This is the Tübingen Acta. It is both an important and rare source document for the study of the history of the Reformation and Reformation theology. Bound in a handsome dated binding.

Bound contemporary vellum, vellum soiled some, lacks ties, paste-down endpapers with tears and no longer pasted down, light scattered foxing, scattered old underlining, light damp stain in bottom margin of all pages--it moves up into the side margins also on the last 200 pages. Woodcut initial letters as well as woodcut head & tail pieces.

Collation: a-c4, A-4C4. Pagination: (1) title, (1) blank, (21) Fridericcvs Dei Gratia Comes Vvirtembergicvs et Mompelgartensis, (1) woodcuts, 1-575pp text, (1) errata. OCLC locates many copies in German & other European libraries. There are 13 US libraries with copies: NYPL; U. Iowa; Newberry Libr; U. Chicago; Ass. Mennonite Bibl. Sem.; Concordia Theol. Sem. Ft. Wayne; Harvard U.; Bethany Luth. Sem.; Luther Sem. Libr; U. Minn.; Princeton U.; U. of Penn.; Westminster Theol. Sem.; Columbia U.

Title: Acta Colloquij Montis Belligartensis: Quod habitum est, Anno Christi 1586.


Illustrator: Tubingen


Publisher: 1597

Binding: Bound contemporary vellum

Type: Book

Size: Quarto, 16.5 x 20.3cm

Book Number: 17419

Keywords: Vellum Bindings, Church Councils, Church History, Lutheranism, Reformation, Reformed Church, Theology