Letter to the Rev. Daniel Dana, D.D., on Professor Park's Theology


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LORD, NATHAN. An Letter to the Rev. Daniel Dana, D.D., on Professor Park's Theology of New England. By Nathan Lord, President of Dartmouth College. Boston: Published by Crocker and Brewster, 47, Washington-street. 1852. Octavo.

Disbound pamphlet side-stitched with new linen thread, light foxing, small tear in edge of title, several dog-ears, the number "5" written in old pen at the top of the title. Collation: 1-74. Pagination: (1) title, (1) blank, [3]-54pp. (2) blank pp.

Nathan Lord (1792-1870) Congregational clergyman and president of Dartmouth College. He was pastor of the Congregational Church in Amherst, NH for 12 years before taking the position of president of Dartmouth College in 1828(upon the resignation of Bennet Tyler). He held this position until 1863. "He was an able executive and disciplinarian, however, and like his contemporary Mark Hopkins at Williams, a great teacher, whose character exercised a deep influence on students and associates. For many years he conducted courses in theology and ethics."--Dict. Amer. Biog. XI:409. "Dr. Lord upheld the institution of slavery, and thus incurred the censure of most northern people; but while he advocated his views in letters and sermons, Dartmouth was the only college in the United States for many years where colored students were admitted, and while under his care they were treated with uniform kindness and courtesy. He inclined to the old-school system of theology, and to a literal interpretation of the prophesies."--Appletons' Cyclopadia of American Biography, IV:25. "As a theologian he was, like Edwards, Hopkins, and Bellamy, of the school advocating a strictly liberal interpretation of prophecy, but left us few remains in print."--McClintock & Strong: Cyl. Biblical, Theol., & Eccl. Lit. V:505. In this work Lord sides with Daniel Dana in upholding the traditional Edwardian theology.

Title: Letter to the Rev. Daniel Dana, D.D., on Professor Park's Theology

Author Name: LORD, NATHAN.



Publisher: 1852

Type: Pamphlet

Book Number: 17294

Keywords: 19th Century Books, Congregatinalism, New England Theology, Pamphlets--American, Edwards Amasa Parks, Theology--American, Theology