Moral Law of Accumulation; the Substance of Two Discoures, Deliver


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WAYLAND, FRANCIS. The Moral Law of Accumulation; the Substance of Two Discourses, Delivered in the First Baptist Meeting House, Providence, May 14, 1837. By Francis Wayland. Providence: Published by John E. Brown, 1837. Octavo.

Disbound pamphlet side-stitched with new linen thread, light foxing--a bit heavier on title and next few pages, brown stain (tea? coffee?) on top marginal corner of last half of pages. Collation: 1-44, 52. Pagination: (1) title, (1) copyright & printer, (1) notices, (1) blank, [5]-35. (1) blank. Amer. Imprints 37-48937, the first of 3 printings in 1837.

Francis Wayland (1796-1865) Baptist clergyman, educator, fourth president of Brown University. "He graduated from Union College in 1813; studied medicine for three years; uniting with the Baptist church, he studied at Andover Theol. Sem. 1816-1817; was tutor in Union College, 1817-21; pastor First Baptist Church in Boston, 1821-26; professor in Union College in 1826; president of Brown University 1827-55; pastor of the First Baptist Church in Providence, 1855-57... In the reorganization brought about by him of the courses of study in Brown University in 1850, he did much to reform the general system of college education... Eminent as an educator, Wayland stands hardly less distinguished as a preacher."--New Schaff-Herzog Ency. Religious Knowledge, XII:279-80. In these two discourses Wayland discusses the currency/financial crisis of 1837: "We are already in the midst of memorable commercial catastrophe. Exchanges throughout every part of our country are almost at an absolute stand. The salesman sits, the livelong day, with folded hands in the warehouse which so lately was thronged with eager purchasers. The busy mart is deserted."-p.6. "He who, but yesterday, reckoned up his wealth by millions, would now gladly surrender all, if thereby he might save his credit unimpaired, and amid t

Title: Moral Law of Accumulation; the Substance of Two Discoures, Deliver


Illustrator: Providence, RI


Publisher: 1837

Binding: Disbound pamphlet

Book Number: 17208

Keywords: Money