Corpvs et Syntagma Confessionvm Fidei qvae in Diversis Regnis et Nationibus...


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“This rare and valuable book”–Philip Schaff:
Gaspar Laurentius' work on the Creeds of Christendom, Geneva, 1654

LAURENTIUS, GASPAR. Corpvs et Syntagma Confessionvm Fidei qvae in Diversis Regnis et Nationibvs, Ecclesiarvm nomine fuerunt authenticé editæ: in celeberrimis Conuentibus exhibitæ, publicáque auctoriatate comprobatæ. Qvibvs Annectitvf, in omnibvs Christianæ Religionis Articulis, Catholicvs Consensvs, ex Sententiie Veterum, qui Patres vocantur, desumptus. Confessionvm Envermerationem et Harmoniam atzue huius Catholici Veterum cum illis Consensus, ordinem indicant paginæ singularum partium huius Syntagmatis, in Tres Partes distributi. Edito Nova, In qua quid præstitum sit, odcet pagina sequens. [Woodcut device depicting winged angel with foot on skeleton at foot of cross] Genevæ, Sumptibus Petri Chouët. M.DC.LIV. [1654]. Quarto, 17.2 x 22.8 x 4.8cm. $375.00

Bound full vellum, vellum soiled, faded hand-written title, number 14 written top of spine, 19th century browned paper tag near bottom of spine, red page edges, 19th century library bookplate on front paste-down endpaper, A2 & A3 with folds along bottom margin--not trimmed to length with the rest of the book and stick down below the trim line if not folded, contents quite clean with scattered foxing, a small and light dampstain on the lower outside corner of some pages. Woodcut head & tail-pieces; woodcut initial letters.

Collation: ¶1, A2-3 [these two leaves belong with A1 & A4 that appear after Cc4--with the catchword & contents matching between this A3 and the A4 occuring after CC4], ¶2-4, ¶¶4, ¶¶¶4, ¶¶¶¶4, title leaf, [note: between this title leaf & this A, belong the A2-3 that are bound in after Cc4 below] A4 only, B-Z, Aa-Cc4, A1, A2-3 [these two leaves belong after ¶¶¶¶4 and title leaf, and in their place belong the A2-3 that appear right after the general title, as noted above], a4, B-T4, V3, X-Z4, Aa-Ii4, Kk3, a-h4, *4, A-Z4, Aa-Ff4, Dd1-2.

Pagination: (1) title, [2]-6, (30), 1-202; [1]-8, [9](mis-printed 6)-255, (1) blank, (6) indexes; [1]-64; (8), 1-232, (4) indexes.

I quote Philip Schaff who describes this work and gives a summary of its contents. Schaff lists it as the second work (after the Harmonia Confesssion Fidei Orthodixarum, et Reformatarum Ecclesiarum) under the headings: The Reformed Confessions; Literature; I. Collections of Reformed Symbols, in his Creeds of Christendom, I:354-55. "The first edition of this rare and valuable book was probably compiled by Gaspar Laurentius, who is not named on the title-page, but who signs himself in the dedicatory Epistle to Elector Frederick III. of the Palatinate, before the 'Orthodox Consensus' (in Part III.), and says, in the 'General Preface,' that he edited this Consensus a. 1595, and now (1612) in a much improved form. His object was the same as that of the Harmony, viz., to show the essential unity of the evangelical faith in the multiplicity and variety of Confessions which, as the Preface says, in the absence of conspiracy, only strengthen the harmony, and mutually illustrate and supplement each other, like many orthodox expositions of the Scriptures. The second edition, of which I have a copy, is a large quarto volume, consisting of three main parts, the several documents being paged separately. It contains the principal Reformed Confessions down to the Synod of Dort, three Lutheran Confessions, and several other documents, as follows: 1. The Harmonia sive Concordantia Confessionum Fidei per (xiii.) Articulos digesta, with the Symbolum Apostolicum, as the basis of a general consensus, supported by Scripture texts and references to the various Confessions of the collection (8 pp.); 2. Confessio Helvetica posterior, reprinted from a Zurich edition of 1651: 3. Confessio Helvetica prior (or Basileensis II.), 1536; 4. Confessio Basileensis I. (or Mylhusiana), 1532; 5. Confessio Gallica, from the Latin edition of 1566; 6. Confessio Anglicana, 1562; 7. Confessio Scotica of 1560, and the second of 1580; 8. Confessio Ecclesiarum Belgicarum, 1559; 9. Confessio Czengerina, the Hungarian Confession, 1570; 10. Confessio Polonica, or Consensus Poloniæ (Sendomirensis) 1570; 11. Confessio Argentinensis S. Tetrapolitana, 1531; 12. Confessio Angustana, from the Wittenberg edition of 1540; 13. Confessio Saxonica, s. Misnica, 1551; 14. Confessio Wirtembergica, 1552; 15. Confessio Illustrissimi Electoris Palatini, Friderici III., 1576; 16. Confessio Bohemica (the first of the two Bohemian Confessions, which was presented to King Ferdinand in 1535. It contains a Preface by Luther. The second was compiled 1575); 17. Consensus Ecclesiarum Majoris el Minoris Poloniæ, Lithuaniæ, etc., 1583. Appended: Acta et Conclusiones Synodi Generalis Thoruniensis; 18. Articuli Confessionis Basileensis of the year 1647; 19. Canones Synodi Dordrechtanæ, 1619; 20. Confessio Cyrilli Patriarchæ Constantinop., 1631; 21. Catholicus Consensus, viz., A Harmony of Christian Doctrine, compiled from the Scriptures and the writings of the Fathers, under the following heads: (a) On the Word of God as the Rule of Faith; (b) On God, the Trinitarian and Christological Doctrines; (c) On Divine Providence; (d) On the Head of the Church; (e) On Justification; (f) On Free Will, Original Sin, Election and Predestination; (g) On the Sacraments; (h) On Idolatry, the Worship of Images, etc.; (i) On the True Way of Worshiping and Serving God; (k) On the Church and the Ministry; (l) Resurrection and the Future State."

Title: Corpvs et Syntagma Confessionvm Fidei qvae in Diversis Regnis et Nationibus...


Illustrator: Geneva, Switzerland


Edition: Editio Nova

Publisher: 1654

Binding: Bound full vellum

Book Condition: Good

Type: book

Size: Quarto, 17.2 x 22.8 x 4.8cm

Book Number: 17086

Keywords: Church Fathers, Church History, Confessions of Faith, Creeds, Patristics, Early Church, Reformed Theology, Reformed Church, 17th Century Books