Sermon at the Ordination of the Rev. William G. Shauffler, as Missiona


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STUART, MOSES. Sermon at the Ordination of the Rev. William G. Shauffler, as Missionary to the Jews. Preached at Park-Street Church, Boston, on the Evening of November 14, 1831. By Moses Stuart, Professor of Sacred Literature in the Theol. Seminary, Andover. [Third Edition.] Boston: Press of Crocker and Brewster, 47, Washington-street. 1845. Octavo.

Pamphlet, disbound, side-stitched, light foxing. Pagination: (1) title, (1) edition, [3]-27 sermons, [28]-31 notes, [32]-35 instructions, (1) blank. Amer. Imprints #45-6187. Moses Stuart (1780-1852) American Hebraist & Biblical scholar, professor of sacred literature in Andover Theological Seminary 1810-1848. "To America he brought the knowledge of what was being done for Biblical scholarship in Germany, and thus founded in America the scientific study of Biblical archeology and linguistics. For his services in this department he has been called `the father of American Biblical literature.'"--New Schaff-Herzog Ency. Rel. Knowl., XI:116. We offer Stuart's sermon/discourse on the conversion of the Jews, based on the text Romans xi:25-31. He spends a few pages on the question of whether they will return to Israel as a nation, and finds the Biblical evidence inconclusive. He concludes that the conversion of the Jews "will take place when the fullness of the Gentiles shall be gathered in." There is a Greek word study on the word "fullness." Having concluded that the Jews will be converted he maintains that they can't be converted without missionaries and that Gentiles make better missionaries than converted Jews because the later are despised by the Jews for betraying their religion. Schauffler became a missionary to the Jews in Constantinople.

Title: Sermon at the Ordination of the Rev. William G. Shauffler, as Missiona

Author Name: STUART



Publisher: 1845

Type: Pamphlet

Size: Octavo

Book Number: 17059

Keywords: Rev. William G. Shauffler, Missions, Judaica, Congregationalism, Pamphlets, Sermons, American Sermons, Missions to the Jews